Fearless Real Estate Investing Premier Edition

If you are having problems getting deals or getting started, now you have a SOLUTION!

Our “Fearless Investing Program” has years of a proven track record in helping “New” investor get started quickly and economically. Now, we’ve added information previously only available to Successful Students. Dave Dinkel and the DREIA Team will deliver a great educational experience, industry-leading materials, and hands-on training to launch your real estate investing career. You can get up to 120 days of online coaching and we’ll be on the phone with you when you get a deal!

In addition we have added BONUSES never before available to Coaching Students.

BONUS #1 – In house (or Zoom) training on using REIFax to send offers for those who subscribe to REIFax and Freddy. Freddy is our proprietary algorithm to help you compute offers instantly. It comes with many other features to get you started. Subscribers to REIFax and Freddy get an additional 30 days of coaching!

BONUS #2– Student Only TRAINING VIDEOS to get started on REIFAX.

BONUS #3 – You will be supplied with a Letter of Credit and Proof of Funds for $300,000 with your REIFAX and Freddy subscriptions

BONUS #4 – You have access to 100% of the funds needed, per the letter of credit, to do a double closing wholesale transaction.

What is the Value of Proven Materials and Very Experienced Coaches?


Newbie or seasoned pro,
you will get a ton of information from this material!

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Start writing offers in just days - not months or years!

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